About Us

Those who wish to escape the city life will be to be rewarded with fresh open air environment. VIRA Eco offers a unique take on a traditional farmers lifestyle. Built in the heart of the Sohna Farmlands with environmentally and culturally sustainable development guidelines, VIRA offers a mix of adventure and comfort, combined with first class service to create the ultimate eco experience.

VIRA  takes pride in its hospitality and providing the most authentic farm experience. Our staff is dedicated towards making every stay at VIRA enjoyable and relaxing and every part of our eco-lodge is designed for utmost comfort and minimal environmental impact. Local and trained service team are always willing to share their many experiences of living off the land.

‘VIRA’- which means the Brave or the Heroic, is inspired by the many brave men and women of the surrounding villages that have served in the Indian Armed Forces. We aim to give back to these villages by providing sustainable tourism, employment and education. ‘Eco Life’ represents our concept of eco-friendly, carbon free and organic living. All meals at the lodge are prepared fresh from produce from our organic garden and partner farms, we use no factory or preserved food ingredients, the entire lodge is cooled naturally and we use only solar power.